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Psychic Development

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Spiritual Principles

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Matu Your MPower Coach

Hello and welcomeMatu and Lulu

I am a Spiritual Teacher, metaphysician, and spiritual wanderer

To posses metaphysical knowledge, and then actually live by it, all problems will dissolve and we connected deeply into joy, love, and peace. When we do this we experience the effects of prosperity, good health and deeper connections with the love within, and that surrounds us

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My Latest articles

As a means to stimulate ideas for content to write as an article I thought I would use Angel cards as a starting point and point of focus. Each time I choose to sit and write an new article for my website I will pick one card and write about it. It m...
When one of my clients is going through challenges or changes in their life a technique or rather an approach I teach them to help reveal underlying beliefs about their life and ways of behaving called the Mirror of Life and I will give you the basic...
Sometimes out of the bubble called Facebook some interesting revelations pop up. Below is a post from Facebook that was a memory of something written a year ago. It was interesting because I am going through similar thoughts and processes now as I es...
Reading about Wayne Dyers youth the willingness he had to stand his ground even against the most strident opposition, it brings to mind Marianne Williamson's quote "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are power...
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