About Matu's Website

We are all visitorsMatu's Vision is unfolding having moved from a focus on building a business, working with business people, to one of building a community of like-minded people seeking to connect something greater than themselves.
With so much conflicting and misleading information out in the world it can be hard to separate ourselves from the mundane influences and recognise and trust the higher guidance.
It is Matu's desire to teach people how to recognise and then connect into this guidance allowing a deeper satisfaction to be experienced in their lives. To have a deeper meaning switches on the light of inspiration and this is what he wishes to be in the lives of those around him.
Having experienced deep depression, doubts and fear for much of my life and then stepped out in a bright new experience, he wants to help others move out of these dark spaces into feelings of joy, abundance, excitement and love
We have a responsibility as Spiritual beings to remember who we are and shake off the shackles our mental selves impose.
It takes courage to see beyond the illusions of the world and accept as real a greater reality.
Our minds are powerful beyond measure and by understanding this and consciously and purposefully using it to serve others he can help the world become a better place.

What is unique about Matu's business

Psychic Mediumship - working with Guides and loved ones during coaching sessions. Imagine having a team working with you to help with your personal and Spiritual development

Tarot and Oracle cards - using focusing tools to gain deeper insights to where healing is needed. These are tools you can use for yourself and provide an external vehicle for our Guides to communicate with us.

A Course in Miracles - one of the structured way of thinking that helps remove blocks to loves presence

Combine this with NLP training and Reiki delivers a powerful experience

What is the Focus of Matu's business

To teach that we are not alone. We have guides and the inner awareness to find purpose and peace as we walk through this reality.

To help those who in this moment cannot help themselves.

To teach psychic awareness and how to use our intuition

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Blog Items

19 December 2017
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19 December 2017
When one of my clients is going through challenges or changes in their life a technique or rather an approach I teach them to help reveal underlying beliefs about their life and ways of behaving called the Mirror of Life and I will give you the basic...
19 December 2017
As a means to stimulate ideas for content to write as an article I thought I would use Angel cards as a starting point and point of focus.Each time I choose to sit and write an new article for my website I will pick one card and write about it. It ma...