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Your Focus Determines what you manifestI have a passion for self-discovery and spiritual exploration. As child who was bullied, sexually abused and spent most of my time ‘running away’ I have found a sense of peace in my later life by truly answering the question “Who am I”.

My journey began, as so many do, working at shrugging off the past so that I could get on with my future. Deep within me I knew I had a purpose beyond simply existing and it took many years to strip back the layers to finally have some clarity around my path.

This is what excites me now. To be able to help people like you seeking to understand themselves and find a better way. I use a blend of transformative questioning with intuitive guidance meshed with a dash of life experience because I believe we all have the answer buried within us and only need to find it.

I am an Intuitive Coach, a Manifestation Junkie, Spiritual Guide and Teacher of Tarot & Oracle Cards.


What is unique about Matu's business

Psychic Mediumship - working with Guides and loved ones during coaching sessions. Imagine having a team working with you to help with your personal and Spiritual development

Tarot and Oracle cards - using focusing tools to gain deeper insights to where healing is needed. These are tools you can use for yourself and provide an external vehicle for our Guides to communicate with us.

A Course in Miracles - one of the structured way of thinking that helps remove blocks to loves presence

Combine this with Reiki delivers a powerful experience.


What is the Focus of Matu's business

To teach that we are not alone. We have guides and the inner awareness to find purpose and peace as we walk through this reality.

To help those who in this moment cannot help themselves.

To teach psychic awareness and how to use our intuition

To teach how to Create your Destiny by being a conscious Manifestor

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