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As a means to stimulate ideas for content to write as an article I thought I would use Angel cards as a starting point and point of focus.

Each time I choose to sit and write an new article for my website I will pick one card and write about it. It may be relevant for you or it may not. Regardless it is an excellent way of expanding your thinking and exploring new ideas.

So the card today is Base Chakra.

The image on the card is that of a women with wings harvesting or picking flowers from a field. Behind her is a landscape reminiscent of farmland.

The imagery for me shows productivity and 'reaping what you sow" as a focus and this is supported by the caption under the picture of "Choose only positive thoughts to describe your home, career, and finances, as your words determine your outcome."

I find this to be a timely warning when we live in an age where our primary focus is on lack or what we don't have - I don't have a great job, I don't have enough money, My life sucks!

As a rule anything we focus on or pay enough attention to we bring into our experience. Simply put what you focus on you get so why would you focus on crappy stuff.

Quite frankly we are told to. Everyday we are bombarded by messages and images of pain and suffering. Businesses and media campaign long and hard to create needs in us, needs that mean we have to purchase their products.

We are hypnotised to expect the next thing - the latest phone, the next best deal, a better insurance policy, a lower bill. Each day we have something reinforced in us and that is the idea that we are not enough, that we don't have enough, that we need more.

But is this true! Time to wake up people, even the self-help culture has racketeers scrambling for your dollar. The people we go to to wake us up are sometime spinning a marketing campaign for by the next product in their Ascension plan (this is where you are offered something Free, then something inexpensive, then something more expensive and finally the full package deal).

How many of us have subscribed to an interesting newsletter or free video only to find a series of emails offering something that "might interest you".

Wow, don't I sound cynical - yes I do and for good reason, but is it all bad? Well NO it isn't. There are some organisations that are putting the good of their clients first.
The move into businesses having a social conscious and recognising that we have a responsibility to HELP people shift their awareness and be more conscious.

I have an ascension plan, you are reading one of the first steps in my plan - a free blog. I do have something inexpensive to offer and I also have a more expensive product that is available. The primary difference between those of us who are like me working to HELP raise awareness and raise the global consciousness and everyone else - our clients want to work with us, without coercion. We have a genuine product or service that can help you and meet your needs … compared companies that use advertising campaigns full of imagery and hypnotic language patterns to create a desire for something that you probably don't need.

Are you broken? No. Are there things in your life that aren't perfect, Possibly. Do you want help to change them, Maybe.

The important thing is to recognise that you are OK before you start looking at what you need. The Base Chakra or sometimes called the Root Chakra, is found at the base of your spine and is the energy centre that manages our feelings about our material needs and our physical world. It contains values around keeping yourself safe and supported.

The Base Chakra is the foundation from which all things flow so getting the basics under control such as being having CLARITY about what is important to you and what you want to experience; CLEARING away any blockages or sabotaging behaviour that means you are not experiencing what you want right now; and CREATING what you through setting your intentions and taking conscious action to make it happen.

Sounds simple and it is. Sometimes all it takes is a structure to follow or "un-learning" past behaviours or simply learning what's important so that you are inspired to make it happen.

"Our hero's have to triumph over adversity and learn the valuable lessons that help them experience wonderful lives." Matu Apiata 

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