Spiritual and Intuitive Coaching

Spiritual Teacher and Coach

Our focus determines our experience and we use beliefs as filters to direct this focus.
There are points in our lives when change must occur and in these crisis moments are often marked by feelings of being stuck, depression, uncertainty, and a lack of purpose. A Spiritual Coach goes below the surface and shines a light on beliefs and patterns that stop you from connecting to a positive experience and meaning.
Having purpose and meaning in our lives reconnects us to a deep joy and love for life. 
This requires a new way of thinking, a new way of focus for our mind to work with the Laws of the Universe. A Spiritual Coach works with you to let go of these old patterns and teaches you a new way of thinking, a new view of the world that connects you to something bigger to yourself.

Duration: 60 minute     Fee: $150


Psychic Medium & TarotBringing through the wise counsel of our guides in 60minute readings.

Gaining understanding of your Life Purpose or your major lessons right now will empower you to make choices that will bring you more joy, peace and abundance into your life.

I use Tarot and Oracle Cards as a focusing tool your guides will provide the guidance and answers to help you.

Through Mediumship your loved ones can also pass on messages and connect with you.

Duration: 60 minute     Fee: $110